Heat Shrink End Caps

Just like heat shrink tubing, heat shrink end caps are perfect for situations that call for extra protection against abrasion, moisture, chemicals and corrosion. They’re most commonly used to insulate and seal off wire and splice terminations in automotive, electrical and networking applications. End caps are typically used in conjunction with heat shrink tubing… they take over where the tubing leaves off!

Heat shrink tubing is capable of sealing the entire surface of a cable or wire, but can’t be closed off at the end should that be necessary. That’s where heat shrink end caps come into play: they’re shaped to fit over the ends of wires and cables. Our heat shrink end caps are adhesive lined, so that when one is fitted over the end of a wire, it forms a bond with the heat shrink tubing that it’s overlapping. The seal is completed when heat is applied: the adhesive melts and becomes fully activated, and the end cap material shrinks to a snug and exact fit around the cable’s end.


  • Insulates and seals off wire and splice terminations to protect against abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and corrosion.
  • Wide array of applications including automotive, electrical, and networking.
  • The End Cap is adhesive lined to bond with the heat shrink it overlaps.
  • Available in sizes from 3/8" to 5" in diameter to provide a fit around the cables end.

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