Cobia Cable Tray

Discover the Cobia Cable Tray

WireRun Cobia is dedicated to one thing: quality, economical cable trays, available when you need them, to make sure your project gets finished on time and within your budget. We keep a sizeable inventory of WireRun Cobia trays & accessories in our warehouse, in-stock and ready to ship when you order. Our multiple length and size variations (4”, 6”, 8” & 12” width), and line of accessories also ensure that you can easily design any custom cable tray configuration you desire: create custom bends, junctions, reductions, elevations and more!


  • UL Listed
  • CE Certified

  • UL CE Logo
WireRun Cobia Cable Tray

Parts and Accessories

Take a look at our WireRun cable trays and the comprehensive selection of accessories to aid in installation. These include couplers for attaching tray sections together, strengthening bars for increased support, shelving and suspension rods for mounting, and much, much more!

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Example of a full Cobia Cable Tray configuration

Example of a full Cobia Cable Tray configuration